The St.Bernards Old Collegians Cricket Club are proud to be associated with the following Clubs and Associations.


The Association as we know it today, was incorporated in 2000 and has become the overseeing body of all its affiliates. The Association itself has been in existence since 1952, but due to circumstances, the Association went into recess between 1974 and 1994. It has since been re-established and has grown strongly with a strong emphasis on providing more opportunities for its members.
The Old Collegians’ Association has also begun to expand and we now have a Sydney branch that meets every 2 years and we have recently established a Perth branch which had its first reunion in September 2004. The Association is committed to ensuring that all Old Collegians have an avenue, wherever they are in the world, to touch base with their former School. It is hoped that in the future the Old Collegians can develop internationally.

Affiliated societies of the St. Bernard’s Old Collegians’ Association include a wide-ranging array of sporting clubs, and the Association also has provided assistance to Old Boy businesses through the publication of the annual Business Directory.


The St.Bernards Old Collegians Cricket Club and the College obviously share a very strong affiliation, falling under the St.Bernards banner.The Cricket Club play all their homes games at the college, train at the college and hold social functions in the pavilion. The college acts as a great feeder to the club with about 85% of the club having attended school there, along with that the College and the Cricket Club work together to improve the grounds, wickets and training facilites to make sure the St.Bernards Old Collegians cricket club continue to have some of the best facilities in the VTCA.

Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association

The VSDCA is the 2nd most prestigeous cricket competition behind Premier Cricket, with 28 clubs competing. The association was formed in 1908. It was this competition that the St.Bernards Old Collegians Cricket Club first played turf cricket in the 2015/16 season. Currently the club has four senior sides registered.


The North West Cricket Association is one of Melbournes largest cricket competitions. Established in 1923 and played on synthetic wickets the association holds both senior and junior competitions. It is here where the snowdogs of tomorrow go into battle on a Saturday morning, and have done since 1985. The NWCA provides a healthy competitive competion from Under 10's all the way up to under 16's.


In 1961 St Bernards was a very small school of less than 300 students but against the odds managed to win the ACC 1st XV111 football competition and from that fledgling beginning the seeds of a great club were sewn. Today St Bernards has grown to become one of the biggest football clubs in the State with over 700 registered players from our Auskick program to seniors.
Both the football and cricket club have long shared similar looking player lists, with players dedicated to both clubs. 
With the football club back in A Grade both clubs will be looking for an assault on the top honour in their respective leagues.